Political Veiw

We believe in a balanced common sense approach as it relates to the role of government in the lives of the people with an emphasis on individual freedom, fairness, empathy, inclusion, and respect both for those with whom we agree as well as those with whom we may disagree or who hold views that we consider different from our own.

We want ALL PEOPLE to feel represented and feel that their voices are heard, issues are addressed, safety concerns are a priority, and that the city administration is working to improve their quality of life both now and into the future. We encourage all who are eligible to register, vote, get involved, and stay engaged in order to ensure that their voices are heard, addressed, and to hold our elected leaders accountable.



We believe that government generally serves a twofold purpose: to provide services on behalf of citizens and to protect the interests of all with a particular focus on the most vulnerable of our society with the overarching goal being to improve the quality of life of those that we serve.

Lastly, We believe in equality of opportunity regardless of gender, race, religious beliefs, as well as whom you love with the government serving in a way that while effective is not intrusive so that people can fairly own their own results.

People Above Party!

We want THE PEOPLE represented regardless of party affiliation. We are not against political parties.  We ARE against the divisiveness that party politics tend to create by emphasizing on what divides us.  We want to bring America back to “regular order” by showing mutual respect, empathy, and tolerance for those with views different from our own with the law, and democratic process as a guide as it relates to how we act, react, and otherwise treat each other as Americans. We want to be the change that we want.


- Platform

             - Safety & Security

             - Support our local law enforcement

             - Community Engagement/Involvement

             - Schools

             - Focus on prevention via awareness


-Business Growth and Development

            - Recruit business with an emphasis on career-oriented jobs and jobs of the future

            - Tell/Sell the Palm Coast story and vision

            - Retain businesses that are already here

            - Business-friendly environment


Attraction Retention

         - We want to attract and retain the best of the best

         - We want a vibrant, diverse community

         - We want to create a community where our young people see a place for them into the                           future while ensuring to protect the interest of all Palm Coast residents

        - We want to engage our youth for new ideas


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