Team Tipton Welcomes you all to John Tipton’s Campaign Central!

We thought as well as introducing you to who John Tipton is and what he stands for .... we’d like you to know how hard he has been preparing himself to represent District 4 on the Palm Coast City Council. 

The Road to City Council 

Many aren’t aware of the training offered by the Flagler County Board of Commissioners, Chamber of Commerce and the City of Palm Coast to prepare its candidates for the jobs they are seeking to be elected to. These academies aren’t mandatory, free to our citizens and worth the time invested.


               John Tiption for District 4, Palm Coast, FL City Council!              





All Voters Matter

Open primaries result in more engaged voters.  The more primary voters the better. Performing civic duty of voting is the lifeblood of democracy.  They are divided as a nation by party affiliation, attacking each other when they are ALL AMERICANS! One way in which more voices can be heard is by becoming more tolerant of views with which they may disagree.

NPA’s don’t like party politics because they feel that they have no voice due to lackluster candidates that closed primaries produce.  This results in “lesser of 2 evils” approach to voting.  How can THAT get people to engage?

NPA’s often don’t know what’s going on with parties and don’t care to find out. This results in complacency, acceptance of lower standards, & cynicism…no way to increase voter participation.  NPA voters in closed primary states tend to take a “wait and see” approach, “let the parties fight it out”. There’s a sense that the primaries are for show. The general is the “real” election.  This results in lack of due diligence to vet party candidates.

Aims of parties often supersede what may be best for voters.  This leaves NPA voters feeling “sidelined”.  Open primaries require candidates to broaden their appeal to a larger voting populace.

Parties play a vital role in our republic.  I’m aware of arguments against open primaries. There is a time and place for everything.  Now is time to open primaries because we live in a place where ALL VOTERS MATTER.





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